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About The Transport of Dangerous Goods

As it is known, our country is a party to the Law No. 5434 dated 30/11/2005 "International Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road within the framework of the European Agreement (ADR) and entered into force within the framework of the Official Gazette dated 24/10/2013 and numbered 28801 Road Transport of Dangerous Goods about to be transported in accordance with the dangerous goods Regulations. Moreover, Turkey-EU Financial Cooperation within the framework of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications that is being carried out by the Ministry and the Polish-Lithuanian partnership "Support Regarding dangerous goods Transport" is the European Union Twinning Project on 27.5.2014 commencing operations continue It is.

Within the scope of the component titled Detay Detailing the Monitoring, Control and Implementation of the Road Transport Model in of the project, a meeting will be held with the relevant ministry to discuss issues related to vehicles used in dangerous goods transport, transport units and packaging tests, approval of periodic inspections and certification.

In this context, for the issues mentioned to be included in the aforementioned meeting, our Chamber member to send feedback about the problems and experiences experienced by the companies until 3 August 2015 Monday address or fax 0 258 265 17 05 kindly.