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Ruins of Tripolis
It is located near the town of Yenice which is 16 Km away from Buldan district center and on the slopes facing the northern side of the Büyük Menderes Valley.
Although the exact date of establishment of the city is unknown. It is estimated that it was built by a Greek king in the 2nd century. The Greeks constitute the nucleus of the people and the official language is Greek, as understood from the quoted ones.
The city is located on the great caravan road passing through Sard-Filadef-Alasehir-Leodia and connecting to Mesopotamia. The city was founded by more soldiers. Because important bases such as Fiedelfiya; it was used against the attacks coming from the east.
After the Roman domination, the city developed more and declined under Byzantine rule. Due to the earthquake, the city was destroyed and rebuilt several times. During the spread of Christianity, the importance of the city became an episcopal center. St. St. Barthelmi and St. Philipe traveled to Asia Minor to spread Christianity and visited Tripolis.
Tripolis was attacked by the Turks on various dates, crusaders came to the city during this time, as a result of confusion in various ways regressed, impoverished, devastated. In 1305, it was definitely transferred to the administration of germiyanoğullari, the earthquake in 1354 was destroyed as a result of the great destruction, and the inhabitants migrated to the surrounding places.
Today, Tripolis is unrecognizable as a result of apathy and neglect.

Highland Lake
Suleymanli (Yayla) lake, located to the west of the district, is 1150 meters high. As a result of the intensive efforts of the Buldan Wildlife Conservation Association, a protected area was declared in June 2000.
This lake, which contains many animal species, is also used as a picnic area.

Yenice Thermal Springs
The spa is located within the boundaries of Yenice Town, which is 16 km away from the district. The road passes by the ruins of Tripolis. Previously, under the dome, in the middle of the feet in the form of a belly stone designed to insert the boot was called Boots bath. Nowadays, new facilities have been built on the dome removed source. The temperature of the water is 44 degrees and its composition includes hydrocarbonate, sulfate, sodium, calcium ions.
The spa is mainly rheumatism; It is an important factor in the treatment of heart, arteriosclerosis and skin diseases.
Gamere thermal bath, which is called as Mud Bath by the people in the same region, also serves domestic tourism with similar features.

Chestnut Creek
It is 1 Km away from the town center and located among the greenery in the west of the city. This area, which was built by the mayor of the time, Ethem Tümbey in 1967, serves both local people and tourists from outside with its tea garden and restaurant section.

Talat Tarakçi Parki
It was built in 1936 by Talat Tarakçı, the mayor of the period. Located in the district center, this park adds natural beauty to the district.

Drinking Creek
South of the district; 5 Km from the district. This healing water from the spring is called drinking water. It is known to be particularly useful in the treatment of gastric diseases.
The Foundation
It is a resting place in the pines 2 Km away from the city