representing the entire private sector in Turkey as TOBB and 81 365 B-Stock Exchange in the province, the President noted that Basturk financing statement made this joint statement gave the following expressions;

Esi On the night of July 15th, our nation and national institutions prevented a despicable attack on our democracy. Our people supported the ballot box and democracy.

The night of the coup attempt news appeared, as the Union and the Chamber-Borsa community, we showed our reaction in the first moment.

The failure of this treacherous attempt was made possible by the stance of the Turkish nation, its determined attitude and the will to protect democracy.

Everyone should be delighted that all the institutions of our country, our political parties, civil society, press organizations have embraced democracy.

The unity, solidarity and decisive stance of our political parties and politicians with their power and opposition against the enemies of democracy deserve the greatest appreciation.

First of all, Mr. President, President of the Assembly, Prime Minister and all the political parties in the Assembly, Junta eagerly congratulate for their stance against the enthusiastic.

We are proud of our Assembly, which resisted the attacks of the blind coup d'état with great persistence and thus reiterated the title of Gazi once again.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who resisted the coup attempt, especially our heroic police officers and honorable members of the Turkish Armed Forces. We are grateful to them.

But we are most proud of the perseverance and courage of our nation, which resists heroically against the weapons of the coup. ”

“We do not want an administration that does not derive its power from the nation because it thinks its power. We do not see any alternative for our country except democracy demokrasi

BTO Chairman Baştükmen, the terrorist gang organized within the army and fully expected to reveal the account before the justice, said:

Kahraman We wish God's mercy to our heroic martyrs who lost their lives, patience to their precious families and urgent healing for the wounded.

Our nation will always commemorate them with gratitude and mercy.

Thank God we have stopped this scourge, this strife, with the prudence, courage, courage and help of our nation.

We came out of this evil by strengthening both our democracy and unity and solidarity.

We should all appreciate the value of this great consensus on democracy.

Now we have to be much stronger, to hold each other more, to love each other more.

Because this is what makes us who we are, what keeps us alive, that makes us folks. We will not fall into the trap of those who want to drag our country into chaos. As the business world, we say it is time to work, produce and provide more employment. ”
Stating that they will continue to stand for democracy, nationality and the state as TOBB and 365 Chamber-Exchanges today and tomorrow as well as in the past, President Baştürkmen said;

“We will stand against those who are against our country's unity, brotherhood and democracy. As the private sector, we will move our country and our nation a greater determination to work for the great goal and Turkey.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's sovereignty unconditionally belongs to the nation tutarak always keeping in our mind; we will continue to work and produce for our country.

As long as the value of our unity and together, we should not forget our mind to shoulder. As long as we love each other, believe and trust each other.

On this occasion, we emphasize once again that we will not recognize any will other than the will of the people, will not give up democracy and will not accept coup attempts.

As long as we have our state and country, we exist. If there is democracy, we are all there.

Allah, our country and our nation will not experience such pain again.

We respectfully announce to the public ”