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Denizli exports decreased by 20.7% while imports decreased by 32.1%

Exports decreased by 20.7%, imports decreased by 32.1% in Denizli

According to the information provided by TÜİK Denizli Regional Manager Ali İhsan YÜCEDAĞ within the framework of Foreign Trade Statistics for September 2015;

Denizli in September compared to the same month of the previous year;

Exports decreased by 20.7% to 179 million 855 thousand dollars and imports decreased by 32.1% to 112 million 88 thousand dollars.

Denizli in Turkey in September with these values ​​has been involved in most of the export was realized in imports, while 8 in 11 provinces.

Turkey across the; exports decreased by 14.2% to 11 billion 659 million dollars and imports decreased by 25.2% to 15 billion 401 million dollars.

In September, foreign trade deficit decreased by 46.6% to 3 billion 742 million dollars.

Turkey's exports to the European Union in September decreased by 7.7% to 5 billion 508 million dollars.

Germany was the country which exported the most from Denizli in September

In September 2015, Germany exported the most from Denizli. Exports to this country amounted to 21 million 776 thousand dollars. Germany was followed by England with 16 million 811 thousand dollars and USA with 14 million 621 thousand dollars respectively.

In total Turkey, Germany, in September 2015 was made the country more than exports. Exports to this country amounted to $ 1 billion 138 million in September 2015, followed by the UK ($ 959 million), Iraq ($ 607 million) and Italy ($ 583 million), respectively.

Most imports to Denizli in September from China

In September 2015, China imported the most imports from Denizli. Imports from this country amounted to 18 million 968 thousand dollars. China was followed by Uzbekistan with 12 million 446 thousand dollars and Democratic Republic of Congo with 9 million 291 thousand dollars respectively.

In total Turkey in September, China took first place in imports. Imports from this country in September 2015 was 1 billion 962 million dollars. Germany (1 billion 843 million dollars), Russia (1 billion 554 million dollars) and Italy (828 million dollars) followed this country respectively.