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Denizli exports increased by 6.3%, imports decreased by 13.8%

Denizli exports increased by 6.3%, imports decreased by 13.8%

According to the information provided by TURKSTAT Denizli Regional Manager Ali İhsan YÜCEDAĞ in March 2016 Foreign Trade Statistics;

Denizli in March compared to the same month of the previous year;

Exports increased by 6.3% to USD 201 million 32 thousand and imports decreased by 13.8% to USD 130 million 977 thousand.

Denizli takes place on March 7. The maximum value of these exports in Turkey was ranked 11th in imports, while the province.

Turkey across the; exports increased by 2.3% to $ 12 billion 811 million, while imports decreased by 5.2% to $ 17 billion 758 million.

In March, foreign trade deficit decreased by 20.3% from 6 billion 205 million dollars to 4 billion 946 million dollars.

Turkey's exports to the European Union in March increased by 18.1% and amounted to 6 billion 295 million dollars.

In March, Germany was the most exported country from Denizli

In March 2016, Germany was the country with the highest number of exports from Denizli. Exports to this country amounted to 24 million 921 thousand dollars. Germany was followed by England with 18 million 76 thousand dollars and Italy with 15 million 951 thousand dollars respectively.

In total Turkey Britain, the country was made in March 2016, most exports. Exports to this country amounted to $ 1 billion 386 million in March 2016, followed by Germany ($ 1 billion 219 million), Iraq ($ 652 million) and Italy ($ 609 million), respectively.

Most imports to Denizli in March from Russian Federation

In March 2016, Russian Federation received the highest number of imports to Denizli. Imports from this country amounted to 30 million 758 thousand dollars. The Russian Federation was followed by Uzbekistan with 13 million 501 thousand dollars and Kazakhstan with 12 million 194 thousand dollars respectively.

He took first place in the total Chinese imports in Turkey in March. Imports from this country amounted to 2 billion 273 million dollars in March 2016. Germany (2 billion 22 million dollars), Russia (1 billion 395 million dollars) and the United States (1 billion 8 million dollars) followed.