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252 543 of Denizli's population is children

According to the announcement made by TURKSTAT Denizli Regional Manager Ali İhsan YÜCEDAĞ in the light of statistics and children data, in 2015;

Children constitute 25.4% of Denizli's population

As of the end of 2015, the total population of Denizli is 993 442 and the population of children is 252 543. According to the definition of the United Nations, the nüfus 0-17 ”age group constitutes 25.4% of the Denizli population in 2015. The total population in Turkey as of the end of the year 2015 78 741 053 and 22 870 of the 683 child population. The value of the child population in Turkey constitute 29% of the total population

When the child population in Denizli is examined according to age group, 26.6% (67 132) of the 2015 child population, which is 252 543, is ”0-4” age group and 27.4% (69 284) is “5-9”. 27.5% (69 495) of them are -14 10-14 ”and 18.5% (46 632) of them are“ 15-17 ”age group.

With a value of 25.4%, Denizli ranks 47th among all provinces in terms of child population. When the ratio of child population in total provincial population is examined by province, Şanlıurfa has the highest child population rate with 47.4%. Şanlıurfa was followed by Şırnak with 47.1% and Ağrı with 45%. The provinces with the lowest child population were Tunceli with 17.5%, Edirne with 19% and Kırklareli with 19.5%.

Top 5 provinces with the highest and lowest child population, 2015

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