Fraud through Communication.

Fraud through Communication.

Fraud is a deliberate act in the general sense of guilty of misleading a person with various tricks, in order to benefit him or someone else.

The crime of fraud varies by type. The most common fraud method in our country is fraud which is realized as “Credit / Fraud“.

In case of fraud by telephone; The suspects identify themselves as police officers, soldiers or prosecutors by using technological advances and calling the victims by telephone. These people construct fictional events with some unreal promises and defraud our citizens by exploiting their good intentions and helpfulness.

The scammers who identify themselves with fake titles such as police, soldiers, prosecutors, call the people they call;

Ø The bank account will be emptied by the terrorist organization or a criminal network,

Ø The telephone line is used by the terrorist organization or criminal network,

Ø the name of the criminal in an incident,

Ø The money in the accounts will be taken under the guarantee of the state,

Ø Investigation was initiated for the detection and arrest of suspects, secret operations were conducted, and if they were deciphered, they would be taken into custody,

Ø The gold and jewelery items in the residence should be placed in a bag or bag with the stake because they are among the items found in the event of theft and left to the place specified,

Ø Since it is learned that the bank account is used by the terrorist organization, it is necessary to transfer the money to the account number to be given in order to secure the money in the bank account,

Ø Return the money at the end of the operation,

They are defrauding our citizens by creating threats, fear and panic with such scenarios.

In addition, the fraudulent persons use various computer programs to gain the trust of our citizens by searching on the phone screen to look like they are wanted by the police. They even direct the police teams to the residence area of ​​the citizen they are looking for with false notices and provide the credibility of their scenarios. In the following stages, they ask you to transfer your money to their account numbers or leave your money and gold in trash cans, parks or streets.

In addition to these methods, they send SMSs such as “you have won“ or “lottery ına to the phone numbers of our citizens and demand money under the name of tax or cargo charge. In addition, fraudsters can call you by phone and ask you to deposit money to renew your health or life insurance.

To avoid being a victim of fraud by telephone;

The Police, Gendarmerie, Public Prosecutor or any other public personnel do not in any way demand from our citizens for handover, money delivery or money transfer-EFT. Do not believe in those who call you by phone, introduce you as Police, Prosecutor, Soldier and deposit money in the bank or leave money and gold.

Do not rely on background radio sounds and scenarios to create fear and panic during phone calls. Do not call the numbers they want you to call in the text of your phone. Do not share your ID and credit card information. In the event of such a situation, please call the 1515 Police Helpline immediately or contact the nearest Police Department.