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Information Technology Use Research in Enterprises, 2017

International producer price index up 0.87 percent month on month

The foreign producer price index (HDI-PPI), which measures the change in producer prices of goods exported and produced abroad, is 0.87% in August 2017 compared to the previous month and increased by 23.98% compared to the same month of the previous year and 18.48% compared to the averages of twelve months.

Changes of the two sectors of the industry compared to the previous month; mining and quarrying sector decreased by 0.20% and manufacturing industry increased by 0.89%.

International producer price index, change rate compared to the same month of the previous year, August 2017

Monthly increase in coke and refined petroleum products

The highest increase compared to the previous month; Coke and refined petroleum products (7.08%), printing and registration services (4.52%), motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers (2.08%). On the other hand, computers and electronic and optical products, tobacco products and basic pharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals with a rate of 5,31%, 1,19% and 0,87%, respectively, were the sub-sectors with the highest decrease compared to the previous month.

The highest monthly increase in main industrial groups was in energy goods

According to the classification of main industrial groups, the highest monthly and annual increase in August 2017 was realized in energy goods.

Foreign producer price index and change rates, August 2017