laborer women's Day

laborer women's Day

March 8 is a day for women who work for their goals, working for their goals, when they come together against the design and violence of everything, they want to live, to be experienced, to draw attention to what we live, to live in the present country of the world and to share common rights and equality.

This is the day of our women who have glorified their femininity with compassion and labor, resisted and resisted life under degenerate hands and tongues.

Today, the female graduate of being born, moldy consciousness and apache is completely different, the rooms are falling bile wants the joy of life will not appear .This day is the spring, the kitchen of our sons who cook in the kitchen of the sickle swinging sickle in the field, one of the joyful years of tobacco.

Today, it is also the day of women's labor and leadership and solidarity against exploitation, oppression, oppression, injustice and inequality all over the world and in our country.

Today, it is the day of standing, standing shoulder to shoulder, opposing the open-minded mentality, the systems that nurture these mentality, in the age of visiting it, holding it, humiliating, exploiting its labor and taking care of it's servant.

Today is the day to be a free individual, to continue the future, the decision to protect, gunay.

It is not forgotten that there is no rightful struggle in which there are no women laborers and they are not included.

It is the inevitable necessity of working together and working together for the future of the beautiful days of everyone who defines herself against the practices and understandings that exclude the woman, detach her from the process of working together, producing together, living together equally and humanly.

We set up today for our working women.