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Real Return Rates of Financial Investment Instruments, November 2015

The highest monthly real return was recorded in Borsa Istanbul (BIST) 100 Index

The highest monthly real income was recorded in BIST 100 Index by 4,12% according to domestic producer price index (D-PPI) and 1,96% according to consumer price index (CPI).

When reduced with D-PPI; Government Domestic Debt Securities (GDDS), one of the investment instruments, yielded a real return of 3.30% and a deposit rate of 1.86%. However, gold bullion lost 6.25%, Euro 5.05% and US Dollar 0.46%. According to CPI, government securities yielded a real return of 1.15%, gold bullion 8.20%, Euro 7.02%, USD 2.52% and deposit interest rate lost to investors by 0.26%.

In the quarterly evaluation of BIST 100 Index; While the highest real return for the investor was 5.83% in D-PPI and 2.48% in CPI, Euro was the rate of 2.85% in D-PPI and 5.92% in CPI. investor was the most lost investment tool.

According to the six-month evaluation; The highest earnings were obtained by 7.63% in D-PPI and 5.21% in CPI. In the same period, the BIST 100 Index was the most lucrative investment instrument with 5.97% and 8.09%, respectively, with D-PPI and CPI.

The highest real return in the annual assessment was in US Dollars

When financial investment instruments are evaluated annually; The highest real return to investors was 22.11% with D-PPI and 18.89% with CPI. On the other hand, the BIST 100 Index was the most lucrative investment instrument with 5.67% reduction in D-PPI and 8.16% in CPI.

Monthly real returns on financial investment instruments (%), November 2015