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Health Care Waste Statistics 2014

Health Institutions Waste Statistics, 2014

All health facilities collected their medical waste separately

Within the scope of the research, a questionnaire was applied to 1 498 health institutions operating as of the end of 2014. It was determined that medical wastes were collected separately from other wastes in all 498 health institutions.

74.5 thousand tons of medical waste collected in health institutions

Of the collected medical waste, 68% were disposed of in landfills, 22% in municipal waste and 10% in incineration plants. It was determined that 84% of medical wastes disposed of in landfills and municipal dumps were sterilized and 16% were not sterilized.

41% of total medical waste collected in three metropolitan cities

It was determined that 23% of medical waste was collected in Istanbul, 11% in Ankara and 7% in İzmir.