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Agricultural Products Producer Price Index, December 2015

Agriculture PPI increased by 1.30% in December

Agriculture PPI increased by 1.30% in December 2015 compared to the previous month, 14.02% compared to December of the previous year, 14.02% compared to the same month of the previous year and 11.20% on the averages of twelve months basis.

The monthly change was 1.11% in agricultural and hunting products, 11.73% in fishing and 1.06% in forestry products.

The maximum monthly increase was in the main group of single-year herbal products

Compared to the previous month, the change was 5.28% in single-year crops, 0.29% in live animals and animal products, and 7.28% in perennial crops.

Vegetables from sub-agricultural groups increased by 11.64% compared to the previous month

Cereals, legumes and oilseeds decreased by 0.62%, citrus fruits decreased by 7.10% and rice decreased by 4.12%.

PPI of Agriculture (2010 = 100), 2014-2015
(Annual change)