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In accordance with Article 10 of the Law No. 5174 and Article 14 of the Chamber Treatment Regulation, the Chamber registers are updated in January of each year.

Accordingly, the membership of the companies whose address and status cannot be determined from the first day of January of the second year prior to the current year until the date of the update will be made and the companies that do not pay at least one installment of the accrued dues during this period are suspended by the Board of Directors.

Within the framework of this application, the membership registration of the companies will be suspended by the decision of the Board of Directors if they do not report their addresses and status and do not pay at least one installment of the accumulated dues of the last two years. We invite our members to declare their address and status by 31.12.2017 and pay at least one installment of the last two years' accumulated debts.

It is presented for the information of our members.