World Farmers Day Celebrated.

World Farmers Day Celebrated.


District Food, Agriculture and Livestock Directorate organized the celebration, District Governor Hacı Uzkuç, Buldan Deputy Mayor Hikmet Senozen, District Food Agriculture and Livestock Director Mehmet Ozgur Akkan, Buldan Chest Diseases Hospital Chief Alpaslan Alsoy, Buldan Ali Tunaboylu Vocational Technical Education Center Manager Mehmet Sökmen, Buldan Ziraat Bank Manager Taşkın Özek, Buldan Chamber of Commerce President Halil Baştürkmen, Buldan Tariş President Salih Ener and Buldan City Council President Meryem Salman and later joined the village headmen turned into the neighborhood.

Governor Hacı Uzkuç, who made a speech at the celebration, said that they had come together due to World Farmers' Day and that they were aiming to be together and chat rather than celebrating, and wanted to be conveyed to the farmers by the muhtars that they were always by their side.

Farmers also stated that they were especially damaged by natural disasters such as frost and hail, and that the insurance made it difficult for them to pay the damage and brought water from a thousand streams.

The celebration ended with a souvenir photo taken after the gifts given to the headmen who were farmers.