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Building Permit Statistics January-September 2015

Building Permit Statistics, January-September, 2015

Building permits decreased area by 24.8%

In the first nine months of 2015, compared to the previous year, the number of buildings which were granted building permits by municipalities decreased by 20.6%, area by 24.8%, value by 19.9% ​​and number of apartments by 23.6%.

In the January-September period of 2015, the buildings were granted building permits;

The total surface area of ​​the buildings is 132.3 million m2; of this, 72.3 million m2 was residential, 34.4 million m2 was non-residential and 25.6 million m2 was common area.

According to the purpose of use, the highest share with 94.5 million m2 was occupied by residential buildings with two or more apartments. This was followed by office buildings with 12.0 million m2.

According to building ownership, the private sector had the largest share with 110.0 million m2. This was followed by the state sector with 20.2 million m2 and building cooperatives with 2.1 million m2. According to the number of apartments, a total of 629 thousand 544 flats 574 thousand 478'i private sector, 45 thousand 611'i state sector and 9 thousand 455'i were taken by building cooperatives.

According to provinces, Istanbul has the highest share with 28.2 million m2. Istanbul was followed by Ankara with 11.2 million m2 and Konya with 5.4 million m2. The provinces with the lowest surface area were Mus, Hakkari and Sirnak respectively.

According to the number of apartments, Istanbul has the highest share with 143 thousand 826 units. Istanbul was followed by Ankara with 45 thousand 96 and İzmir with 27 thousand 599. The provinces with the least number of apartments were Hakkari, Muş and Şırnak respectively.

Building permit, January - September 2015