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Buldan Houses

Old Buldan houses are under protection within the scope of Urban SIT and their properties are being preserved. The old Buldan houses which were unconsciously demolished in the past and where concrete houses were built were superior to the Safranbolu houses, but they were few in number. The eaves and chimneys of the old Buldan houses, which have wooden and bay windows, and the porches with bay windows have a different beauty. The distinctive necklaces in the chimneys are completely different. At the same time, these houses do not obstruct the view of each other.

The second term field study of urban cultural assets of Buldan [Denizli) pilot region was carried out between 6 - 20 September 2002. The office work, which was conducted by the people who participated in the field study, started in October and is continuing. As in the 2001 period, groups of two people prepared settlement fiches introducing the island and then monument fiches under the supervision and supervision of the project director. When the 2001 and 2002 study periods are considered together, Buldan urban cultural assets, settlement and monument are documented with more than 700 inventory slips and more than 4500 film frames including transparent and black and white photographs.
It was stated in the 2001 study that Buldan retained its originality in terms of both the settlement style and the single building stock, the majority of which were residences. Buldan Turkey's cultural assets accumulation which is extremely important in terms of our work in order to document this feature-which this year was directed to the tissue surrounding the areas studied in 2001. The 2002 field study provided data confirming once again the observations of last year.

In addition, an unforeseen contemporary settlement called Yeni Buldan, which had significant architectural features built during the early Republican period and the presence of buildings in the historical region, was added to the section whose inventory could not be completed this year. accumulation.

The first part of the Buldan rural architecture inventory study was carried out in the vineyards area on the valleys and hills around the urban settlement. In the field study which lasted for eight days, inventory studies were conducted in Akyar, Vakıf, Bulak, Haydar, Kestane Creek and Karadere vineyards. Bag houses located in the hills and valley are located in large areas in these regions which can be reached from the city center on foot. The vineyards in the study are located to the west and south of the city settlement. In this area, region boundaries and bond boundaries cannot be clearly separated from each other; While roads and streams generally form the boundaries of the regions, low walls, streams, embankments or roads define the boundaries of the vineyard in accordance with the natural structure of the land. In the vineyards, which are arranged in sets while preserving the natural slope of the land, there are vineyards covering large areas as well as various fruit trees.

The vineyard houses of the Vakıf area, located in the valley to the northwest of the central settlement of Buldan, were built with simple and not very careful wood and masonry masonry construction techniques and have a view that integrates with the natural environment with the space dimensions, materials and architectural shaping. The vineyard houses in the Haydar, Bulak and Kestane Creek, which cover the valley and hill, resemble other vineyard houses with their materials and construction techniques, but differentiate from the others with their dominant position in the city landscape.

In the Karadere vineyards in the western part of the Buldan entrance road, which is less hilly than the other regions and named after Karadere passing through it, there is a different and elaborate architecture in terms of design, workmanship and materials. While vineyard houses were used during the period between April and October in the past, they are only used during the vineyard period, ie between the end of August and early October. The vineyard houses, which consist of a closed space and a semi-open 'frosty' space in front of it, are planned for their lands and landscapes, if any.