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Regional Foods

Raw (or cooked in embers) eggplants and green peppers, (raw or lightly roasted in oil) onions, tomatoes, cheese and dark plum or pomegranate juice are put in the pan. Wrap can be put in hammered hedge.

Cagla Wrap:
Chili and fresh chitlembik (bedren9 is pounded in mortar. Boiled eggs, green onions, cheese, parsley are chopped and mixed with çagla-bedren tattoo, salt and olive oil is added, put into the dough and wrapped.

Cress-lettuce roll:
Chop boiled eggs and cheese; cress, lettuce, arugula, parsley, dill, green onions placed in the dough, on which red pepper is planted, a little
olive oil is poured and wrapped.

Dry dough crumbs, cheese and onions are mixed, sprinkled with water, squeezed on the palm.

Goce Dinner:
Wheat is split in a stone mill. washed grains of broken wheat. water and salt. Lowered from fire. water
the yoghurt with garlic is mixed and mixed. While serving, pour the melted butter with red pepper in the pan.

Arabian Food:
Flaked diced rabbit meat is boiled or roasted. The dough is made by kneading millet flour with hot water and turned into a finger-thick rod. This dough rod is divided into small particles. Made with butter and wheat flour. Dough particles and rabbit meat are added to this soup and cooked.

Notching Dinner:
The zucchini is chopped into small cubes, the cress is roasted in oil, then the egg is broken and roasted a little more.

Küpe Kebab:
Capricorn or lamb meat is put into earrings. The mouth of the bowl is covered with dough and placed on the ember or put into the oven.

Stuffed donuts:
It is taken by cutting the crust from the upper side of the stale rounded bread to a hand. Here's the bread
Evacuated. The inside of the bread is crumbled. The ground beef is roasted, and the roasting process is continued by adding butter and crumbled bread inside while frying. As the roasting process approaches, coarse grained cracked walnuts and parsley are added. the roasted mixture is put into the emptied bread. cut into place. After a few hanging sticks are placed in a tray, the filled bread sticks are placed on top. Pour the diluted tomato paste over the bread and put the tray in the oven. After a while, pour the tomato paste from the diluted tomato paste over the bread and put the tray back into the oven.

Pumpkin Dinner with Molasses:
After the meat is boiled or roasted, add zucchini, butter, water and chickpeas soaked in the evening and boil. hot molasses are added into it while it is about to cook.

The bottom of the tray is lubricated. The dough is softened by sprinkling water. Huge beaten walnuts are put into the dough and
Rounded. The rounded dough dough tray is placed in the tray in the current manner of snakes. Oil is applied to the top and the tray is applied to the oven. After cooking
is allowed to cool. In a separate bowl, slightly diluted molasses is heated slightly, poured into the tray while the finger is heated to a point that does not burn. Sugared water can also be used instead of molasses.

FIG dessert:
Dried figs are washed, stems are cut and cut into thin slices, boiled by adding milk and sugar.