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Branding Infrastructure Works

TR-32-14-TD001-15-08 uz Preparing Our Strategic Plan Proj Project: Our project, which was awarded the grant within the scope of Technical Support Project of South Aegean Development Agency, was successfully completed in 2014.

"Truth of the loom" Book and Documentary Film Preparation: Orta Anadolu Ticaret ve Sanayi İşletmesi T.A.Ş. and documentary book and film about Buldan weaving prepared by Luca BABINI with the support of our Chamber.

Purpose of the study; To protect and support this cultural heritage which has been eroded by technology and cultural changes over time in Buldan. The film won the second place in the “Sustainable Design Team k category in the 2013 Worth Global Style Network (WGSN) Global Fashion Awards.


Buldan Textile Industry Development and Inventory Survey "was prepared in 2009 with the support and sponsorship of our Chamber and aims to determine the textile inventory in the district.