Contact Points Training Program

Contact Points Training Program

Ministry of Economy, Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union (TOBB), depending on the room and the personnel in the stock market, support provided and to enable them may serve as a point of contact informed about the practices "Contact Points Program" on behalf of our düzenlendi.oda Overall, our Secretary joined Ayhan Emirdağ.

Fatih Metin, in his speech at the program in the Ministry, said that their main goal is to increase foreign trade.

Text export base which indicates they want to spread this purpose, TOBB, Turkey Exporters Assembly, industrialists and businessmen said they worked with the association.

Text, so far, 341 foreign trade training, 16 thousand 528 participants have given training, this year, 71 training programs in 53 provinces by organizing 3 thousand 866 business people reported that they offer this service.

Knocking on the door of business people in 25 provinces in 2017, stating that they visited 109 thousand companies Text, "Our economy has grown in the last 15 years thanks to the stability and stability of our governments. Macro indicators have caught a great acceleration in all. Export at the center of this export model. Export-based growth model We have implemented. " he said.

Metin emphasized that they facilitated access to finance thanks to Eximbank and continued as follows:

"We bring 40 billion dollars of finance to our exporters. We are the second country in the world that provides financial support for exports after South Korea. Our goal is to be the first. We increase Eximbank's equity capital from 3 billion dollars to 10 billion dollars. We will be the country that provided support. "

Underlining that SMEs want to increase their competitiveness by improving their capacity, Metin said that they provide exporters and industrialists with 4 billion pounds a year.

Metin, "Your training with the number of SMEs rise. As the Ministry of Economy, we have three goals in exports, new exporters, to ensure product diversity in exports, to increase the sustainability of new markets. Exporters 'I want to export.' As the Ministry, we support their every step. " found.

out of the middle income trap for Turkey's R & D-based, high value-added, innovation and striking design based on text path should continue to approach, he said:

"R & D-based, value-added, we support high quality products and technologies. Turkey has improved its capabilities in every area. Training with them more informed that you guys are, you are responsible for a better way forward. If what about improving and increasing our exports, the investment environment is quoted us. This job Your effort is important. As the Ministry, we are open to your suggestions. "

pointing out that the TOBB Board Member Salih Zeki Murzioğl of Turkey's common goal is locked, "our country 500 billion dollars of exports, we will become a country. We remove it from the last 35 years our exports to $ 3 billion to 150 billion dollars that we've increases 50-fold." said.

In the last 15 years as a TOBB community to remove new brand cities, companies are carrying out important efforts to export more Murzioğlu, "We have increased the capacity of our rooms and exchanges. 250 rooms and the best standard of the European Union rooms, 5-star service has become. " used.

Stressing that the Ministry of Economy gives incredible incentives and supports for export, Murzioğlu said:

"We offer great opportunities in every area you can think of. We know, but most of our companies do not know exactly how to apply them, or do not know what to do. Our rooms have direct contacts with each company. They know the needs and demands of the companies. They will be informed about the activities and incentives of the Ministry of Economy, and then they will work as representatives of our Ministry in the region where they are located and serve our companies.