October 29 Republic Day

October 29 Republic Day


93 years ago today, under the leadership of our nation, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his heroic arms companions, he wrote a great epic in the history of the world that leads to unprecedented and oppressed nations.

Our nation has fought all kinds of difficulties, fought heroically and lifted the imperialist siege to establish the Republic and entrust it to future generations.

Republic; it is a regime that represents nationalism instead of ummah, citizenship instead of servitude, national will rather than individual power, modernity instead of bigotry.
Republic, sovereignty indifferent, as a new form of government that the nation has the right to be unconditionally bound by ties of citizenship to all individuals of the Republic of Turkey and has the responsibility to.

The republic is virtue as long as it contains democracy and national sovereignty. We must protect these concepts for the future of our children.

29 October 1923 is a rebellion against the darkness. October 29, 1923 is a national honor. October 29, 1923 is an endless beginning.