victory of Canakkale

victory of Canakkale

Victory of Canakkale; it is one of the saddest victories in our history, but a true epic of the total resistance of a nation in poverty to the influx of the most powerful states of the era. There is human dignity in every line of this epic. This honor belongs not only to the armed struggle, but also to the saint Mehmetçik, who defied the enemy with the examples of human lessons he gave. Written in gold letters on the pages of history, has been a monument of heroism and honor of the Turks.

Unnamed heroes of this front; While they ran to Çanakkale from every corner of the country, they never thought of going back, they fulfilled their duty to protect Turkish honor and dignity in the best way. They achieved the Dardanelles Victory, not only a victory, but also the continuation of the existence of the Turkish nation in Anatolia.

The foundations of the Turkish war of independence were laid in the waters of Çanakkale, Conkbayırı and Anafartalar. This victory, which changed the course of world history, gave the great Turkish nation a gift even as a leader like ATATÜRK.

We have been living on this land for a century with the help of our Saint Martyrs who never hesitated to shield the trunk for their homeland and Seyit Ali Onbaşılar who achieved the impossible. For this reason, Çanakkale Martyrs who sacrificed their lives with a rare hero in history will never be forgotten and will live forever in the hearts of the Turkish nation.

On the 102nd anniversary of the 18 March Çanakkale Naval Victory; I commemorate our saint martyrs who reached the eternity by watering these lands with their noble blood, with their mercy, gratitude and respect. Peace be upon their souls! ”