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Real Return Rates of Financial Investment Instruments,

Monthly highest real return in Euro

The highest monthly real profit rate was 3.28% in domestic producer price index (D-PPI) and 2.72% in consumer price index (CPI).

When reduced with D-PPI; USD 1.96%, deposit interest rate 0.74% and gold bullion. On the other hand, Borsa İstanbul (BIST) 100 Index lost 8.61% and Government Domestic Debt Securities (GDDS) lost 0.82%. In terms of CPI, US dollar and real interest rates of deposit were 1.41% and 0.20% respectively, while BIST 100 Index lost 9.10%, GDDS 1.36% and gold bullion investors lost 0.25%.

In the quarterly assessment of government securities; While the highest real return for the investor was 5.14% in D-PPI and 0.64% in CPI, gold bullion was 5.67% in D-PPI and 9.70% in D-PPI. at the rate of the most lost investment tool.

According to the six-month evaluation; The highest return on investment was 7.73% in D-PPI and 3.95% in CPI. In the same period, the BIST 100 Index was the most lucrative investment instrument with 9,99% and 13.15%, respectively, with D-PPI and CPI, respectively.

The highest real return in the annual assessment was in US Dollars

When financial investment instruments are evaluated annually; The highest real return to investors was 20.38% in D-PPI and 16.95% in CPI. On the other hand, the BIST 100 Index was the most lucrative investment instrument with 17.56% reduction in D-PPI and 19.91% in CPI.

Monthly real returns on financial investment instruments (%), December 2015