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Solid Fuels, November 2015

Most production and deliveries took place in lignite

Looking at the total salable production of solid fuels in November 2015; 138 thousand 915 tons of hard coal, 3 million 548 thousand 203 tons of lignite and 404 thousand 848 tons of hard coal coke, the amount of delivery (1) is examined; 3 million 521 thousand 895 tons of hard coal, 3 million 783 thousand 662 tons of lignite and 443 thousand 139 tons of hard coal was seen to be realized.

The lowest ratio of production to deliveries took place in hard coal

The ratio of produced solid fuels to deliveries (2) was 3.9% at the lowest hard coal. This rate was 93.8% for lignite and 91.4% for hard coal.

Hard coal and lignite delivery to most thermal power plants

When the distribution of solid fuels according to the place of delivery is examined; 36.8% of hard coal delivery to thermal power plants, 16.5% to coke plants, 6.6% to non-iron and steel industry, 86.7% of lignite delivery to thermal power plants. 96.8% of the hard coal coke was shipped to the iron and steel industry.

Production coverage ratio, November 2015

The publication date of the next press release related to this subject is 25 February 2016.


(1) Delivery; fuel is shipped from production, import and stocks for consumption.
(2) Proportion of production to deliveries; shows the proportion of the delivery of a solid fuel that can be covered by salable production.
Production coverage ratio = (salable production quantity / delivery quantity) * 100
- No information.
c Confidential data.