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Agricultural Products Producer Price Index, January 2017

Agriculture-PPI increased by 9.51% in January

Producer price index (Agriculture - PPI) increased by 9.51% in January 2017 compared to the previous month, 9.51% compared to December of the previous year, and 7.36% compared to the same month of the previous year and averages of twelve months. increased by 2.86%.

Change from previous month; agricultural and hunting products increased by 9.18%, forestry products by 8.25% and fishing by 22.41%.

The maximum monthly increase was in the main group of one-year vegetable products

Change in the main groups compared to the previous month; 17.74% increase in one-year plant products, 3.10% increase in perennial plant products and 0.21% increase in live animals and animal products.

Vegetables from sub-agricultural groups increased by 36.77% compared to the previous month

Sub-agricultural groups; while paddy increased by 6.47%, other tree and shrub fruits and nuts increased by 4.53%, while live poultry and eggs decreased by 8.61%.

Annual change in agriculture PPI, 2016-2017
[2010 = 100]