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Life Index in Provinces, 2015

Life Index in Provinces, 2015

In recent years, studies aimed at measuring social progress, which is a concept that includes other dimensions of life as well as economic dimension, has intensified. In this new, individual-oriented measurement, objective criteria and subjective perceptions of individuals are used together.

Turkey Statistical Institute, first published in the provinces of life index by individuals and households living the objective and subjective indicators using life-size measuring at the provincial level in discrimination, has an index operation for monitoring of comparisons and time. The aim of the study is to develop an indicator system that will serve as a basis for monitoring and improving all aspects of life in the province.

Life index in provinces; housing, working life, income and wealth, health, education, environment, security, civil participation, access to infrastructure services, social life and life satisfaction. . The index is between 0 and 1 and represents a better level of life as you approach 1. Detailed information is provided in the annex of this newsletter.

Isparta took the first place in the life index

Isparta ranked first in the life index with the highest index value of 0.6745. Isparta was followed by Sakarya with 0.6737 and Bolu with 0.6553, respectively. The last place in the index was Mus with the lowest index value 0,2765. Muş was followed by Mardin with 0,2936 and Ağrı with 0,2975 respectively.